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I do a lot of speaking and writing on the subject of natural health and medicine. Why? Because I care about humanity; and I'm appalled at the way my fellow-humans are treated like herd-animals by the medical establishment. Yet, my message often seems to fall on deaf ears. I believe there are two-reasons for this. First, when anyone starts speaking about medicine, or health care, most people think they aren't smart enough to listen and benefit; and, second, those who do think they're smart enough to listen to such information already think they know what is and what isn't true, correct, real, possible, or accurate. In other words, the people I most want to help don't think they're smart enough to take responsibility for their own health; and the doctors who could easily grasp what I'm saying have no reason to try - because their businesses would in no way benefit from a comprehensive, public understanding of how the body actually works. There is a big difference in being in the public health care business and caring about public health. But what if someone told you that modern medicine has inherent, fatal flaws - and most of what your doctor "knows" about how the human body operates is simply wrong?

Modern medicine is primarily based on a reductionist view of biology - which has long been known to be a woefully inaccurate way of looking at life - and on the "germ theory of disease," as put forth by Louis Pasteur (who later admitted that he was mostly wrong about his conclusions). In other words, your doctor's office is built on a foundation of shifting sand; and it is only shored-up by the bags of money - and dead bodies - this dangerous system of health care was designed to generate. This may sound like a harsh indictment; but murder is murder. And, you can only claim ignorance for so long - especially when your entire business is supposed to be based on what and how much you know about human life. There are two simple examples I often share that highlight the need for deeper thought in the area of human health; and every doctor knows about these - whether they think about them, or not.

The first example is in the story of Louis Pasteur, a man we all know because of his work with vaccinations, sterilization, and "Pasteurization" of milk and other food products - along with his germ theory. There's no doubt that Louis Pasteur was a good man who cared about people; and there's no doubt that his contributions to the world are valuable. But, Louis Pasteur had a colleague named Claude Bernard, who didn't completely agree with Pasteur's findings about germs. Bernard's opinion - which is held and supported by the most modern sciences on the planet - was that "terrain is everything." In other words, germs cannot make a person sick unless the person's body (terrain) supports illness. To prove this, Bernard drank a glass of water infected with cholera - and did not get sick! Bernard knew he didn't get sick because he was healthy, had a strong immune system, and didn't believe he had a reason to get sick. Pasteur said that his colleague was simply, "Lucky." What the heck kind of science is that?! Luck? Luck is how Pasteur explained away Prima Facie evidence that germs alone wouldn't make a person sick?

If you've ever been to the doctor's office, or a hospital, you've seen additional evidence of Claude Bernard's demonstration. Doctors walk around - all day every day - surrounded by, interacting with, touching and breathing the germs of, sick people; and they do it without getting sick. Seriously, who would want to be a doctor if germs could really make you sick? You need to think about this on your own if you have a religious trust of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment. And, while you're at it, think about placebos, as well.

That's right; placebos are yet another example of how medical science is about as "un-scientific" as you can get. A placebo is essentially a remedy that has no known curative properties or medical value - other than as a control. Placebos - usually a sugar-pill or an injection of sterile water - are often used in double-blind drug trials where a new drug is tested against a placebo, or "fake drug," to demonstrate a cure-rate above that which would be experienced if nothing at all were done for the patient. Unfortunately for the pharmaceutical companies, just the idea that you have to pretend you're doing something for the patient reveals the underlying awareness that what the patient thinks matters. The only way to test the cure-rate of people not receiving treatment is to offer them NO treatment at all. Doctors running these drug trials realize that people who receive no treatment at all are aware of this fact and don't expect to get better; yet they must have something to compare their data to. So they simulate every part of the treatment - with the only difference being what is actually inside the pill they dispense to the control group. And guess what... That's right; people taking the sugar-pills consistently get better at about the same rate as those taking the "real" drug. The only difference being the "side-effects" caused by the chemicals passed-off as medicine by the pharmaceutical companies. Drugs are dangerous, placebos aren't; and they both work on the same things - drug trials have proven this over and over again. And there's no way to prove that the "real" drugs aren't working for the same reason placebos do -- even though they cause additional physiological changes. It is just more convenient -- and profitable -- to assume and claim that something more is happening.

Certainly, modern medicine has saved lives. But at what cost? The faithful masses are quick to shout out, "But I know drugs work! They helped me!" But these folks don't read the studies that reveal modern, pharmaceutical-based medicine as the third-leading killer of Americans - even though only an estimated 2% of all Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR's) are ever reported to the FDA. If all ADR's were recognized and reported, Western Medicine could conceivably be the most deadly threat humans have ever faced - by far. But our economy is based on the medical establishment, drug companies, insurance companies, and the jobs, profits, and kick-backs these things provide; so, let's keep ignoring the facts and keep looking elsewhere for answers, shall we?

The average person is getting smarter and smarter. The Internet is making new information - and old information - more and more available to the consuming public. Could this be why over 51% of a nation conditioned to run to the doctor's office and drug store when they feel the slightest discomfort have turned to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and why the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has dedicated an entire branch to the study of CAM? I'm sure things got the way they are due to good intentions; but for them to stay this way is the result of ignorance, greed, or the perceived need for population control. In any event, if you want to become a statistic or a herd-animal, just go on about your daily routine without thinking about the things that are truly important to you. Otherwise, wake-up, stay awake, and learn to think for yourself. Your health - and your life - depends on it.

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