Western Vs Eastern Medicine

As most of you know I was diagnosed with lupus. This diagnosis changed my life completely, no sun, extreme fatigue, and inability to exercise due to exhaustion. The worst was that I was finishing up my doctoral program in physical therapy, and it was my last year. I was in an out of the hospital with mysterious symptoms that were threatening my life, extreme fever, fatigue, tremors, severe pain to my back, projectile vomiting, etc. While in the hospital, I was diagnosed with meningitis, bacterial/viral infection, unknown diagnosis, over the course of a year and given every kind of medication to ease the "symptoms", not knowing the real cause of my malaise. I was given high dosages of prednisone, went from dermatologist, rheumotologist, neurologist, to primary physician. No one knew what was wrong with me. I started to lose so much hair and I had a malar (butterfly) rash on my face that now it became a cosmetic problem. I told my doctors, I can die tomorrow but just give me back my hair...

After being on prednisone for so long (9 months) and knowing what it was doing to my body, I decided to take charge. I sought a TCM (Traditional Chines Medicine) doctor, chiropractors, studied functional nutrition and herbals. I decided to give the herbal medicine a try and went on a regimen of drinking black herbal extract pouches three times a day for 6 months, mainly because it was 6 months till my wedding and wanted to be functional. I did not tell my rheumotologist at the time because I knew what he would say. I became well, my labs slowly returned to normal. I will never forget what my acupuncture doctor told me, he said that he can cure Lupus, that it may be a hard disease to conquer for western medicine but not for eastern medicine because he knows that my organs, specifically my kidneys are malfunctioning due to stress triggering a cascade of reactions to throw my yin-yang balance out the door. As a doctoral student well versed in Western thoughts, this was far fetched but also knew that the medical care I was receiving was not mounting too much. I just wanted my health and most importantly, my hair back. It was my last hope at recovery and I took it.

Since then, I've relapsed back and forth due to pregnancy, which worsens the condition. Recently, I found a acupuncture doctor who took over the office space that I was occupying and told me that he wanted to try to heal me. At this time, I was recuperating from an abdominal surgery (umbilical hernia repair) and was taking time off to unwind as I was running a health/wellness business for the last 4 years and was rather running on empty and I knew I really needed to take care of my poor health. I decided to give him a try and is currently under his care. He is a passionate doctor and after a couple of sessions, I noticed some positive changes like increased energy and better digestion. I asked if he would mentor me in my path to understanding this wise method of treatment and he's agreed to take me on as a student learning all I can about this discipline. I will share more progress with my health as well as the insights that I gather. In the mean time, if you ever wanted to try acupuncture, its a natural healing method that is beneficial to many different illnesses. Make sure that your provider has appropriate knowledge and education backing the claim and as a lot of questions to ensure that you are confident under his/her care.

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