Choosing The Right Natural Health Supplement

In today's society, it is almost impossible to get the correct nourishment from vitamins, minerals, herbals and others from our food intake alone. Many, (if not all) have to consume daily supplements to ensure our bodies are getting all it needs to continue working properly and disease free. As the natural health industry continues to increase in popularity, the amount of products that are ineffective will continue to increase. Several companies would rather see that you buy their product, instead of making sure that you are getting what is said to be in the bottle of "pills".So how can we get the best possible products for ourselves? There is a simple way to choose the best possible product for our bodies; from daily multivitamins to disease specific remedies. Below is an outline of what to look for when choosing your next natural health supplement.

Choose Whole food rather than multivitamin

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is buying a multivitamin made of synthetic (synthetic- human made) vitamins, and minerals that our bodies can not fully absorb. When humans create vitamins and minerals, our bodies recognize this as being "false" and doesn't absorb much of the vitamin. Have you ever wandered why urine is so yellow after consuming a multivitamin? It's the result of our bodies excreting the excess vitamins, and minerals that it did not absorb.The best way to ensure your body will absorb the most it can is to consume a "whole food" multivitamin. This means, anytime a product contains natural foods, herbs and other natural resources, they are the best bet. For example, broccoli contains high amounts of vitamin K. It's better to take a supplement that contains broccoli instead of taking a supplement that just contains vitamin K. · Always choose whole food supplements over synthetic vitamins.

Avoid fillers, binders and other synthetic materials

It is sad to say this, but over 80% of all natural health companies place fillers and binders in their supplements. Fillers are what companies place in the capsule (or whatever tablet used) to fill the remaining space that the actual product doesn't fill. For example, if a 500mg capsule contains only 400mg of the actual product, they will place 100mg of a filler substance to make up the 500mg. The filler substances are synthetic and can be harmful to our bodies. Some of the fillers used are partially hydrogenated soybean oil, which can cause cancer. Although this concern is not as great as avoiding synthetic vitamins, it is best to use products that avoid fillers, binders and artificial ingredients. If a product doesn't contain fillers, they usually will place that on the label as this sets them apart from most natural health companies.

The Big Deal About Enteric Coating

A supplement that has enteric coating is a supplement that has a coat that allows the tablet to avoid being dissolved in the stomach and passes to the intestine (small). This is where the majority of vitamins and minerals are absorbed. While this has brought great attention, I am not too concerned with this for a few reasons. If consuming a whole food supplement as stated, your stomach will need to digest some of this food and this will allow proper passing of vitamins and minerals. Also, if one is consuming a natural supplement for a disease like acid reflux, an enteric coating will almost take away from the meaning of the supplement. I would not concern myself with enteric coating unless it is a personal preference. Upon saying this, I do recommend enteric coating for certain vitamins and minerals; however it's not a great concern.

One Final Note I do believe that choosing the right natural supplement is one of the most important decisions that one will make in an effort to choose a more natural approach on health. This is why I am personally willing to help. Before you choose to purchase a natural supplement, you can contact me or ask to see if the company is reliable and meets the standards that I call "up to par". I will evaluate each company that one wants me to and eventually I will contain a list of companies that I call acceptable.

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