Far Infrared - The Energy Medicine For the Health Problems of Today

Far infrared (FIR) is radiant heat which is invisible to the naked eye. This form of energy is now widely used as energy medicine for the treatment of the many health problems of today. FIR works on a process called conversion, whereby the body is heat directly (not harmful) without having to heat the air around.

This heat energy works by elevating the core temperatures and produces a dilation of the capillaries, arterioles and venues. During the therapy, the dilation of the capillaries will cause an increase in blood flow and the muscles, joints and soft tissue injuries will experience great relief. Increase blood circulation will mean more oxygenated blood will be transported to oxygen depleted muscles and joints thus speeding recovery. In the meantime, metabolic wastes and toxins are also expelled especially through the skin.

By temporarily elevating the body temperature, it will also help to stimulate the immune system of the body. Many bacteria, virus and also tumor cells have poor tolerance to heat compared to normal healthy cells. Some researchers now believe the abundance benefits from far infrared therapy. This therapy can also be used for normal healthy persons for maintenance of good health and many other benefits. Many people are now using this therapy for weight control, detoxification and even skin beautification.

In our body, FIR will activates the water molecules and this helps to remove harmful chemicals from the food and drugs we consumed by sweating. It also eliminates fats and hence improves blood flow. Our body becomes less acidic and the function of the nervous system is also improved. It also speeds up the repair of body cells and improves sleep.

More and more people are now beginning to see the usefulness of FIR ranging from pain relief from various diseases and detoxification for terminally ill-patient to weight-management. Both sick and healthy individuals can gain control of their health by applying FIR therapy. The sick will see improvement in their condition and the normal healthy individuals for prevention of chronic degenerative diseases. We will always seek to avoid any areas of vulnerabilities in our bodies for any diseases to set in because we not want to have a health crisis later on in life.

Far infrared therapy can assist the body in the fight of various diseases and many other health problems. If we want to prevent any health crisis, FIR is one therapy that is worth considering. It is a solution for many of the health problems of today.

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