There's No Such Thing As Disease: Medicines are Fake!

A few days ago I came across an excellent article from a Chinese professor claiming that there's no such thing as disease, illness etc. This guy is claiming that disease originates from within and can only be healed from within. The professor states that medicines are just another way for some people to make money. I couldn't agree more with this guy. The use of medicine requires thought, self-knowledge and recognition.

Before I move on, let me please make clear that if you are on any kind of medication for any serious or life threatening condition then it is important to keep on taking your medication. This applies for all medicines prescribed for serious situations/conditions.

What's important here is the way you think of medicines.

There are no exceptions to the fact that the causes of all disease are coming from within us. If you think that something might happen to you or if you fear a particular disease then, believe it or not, chances are you are going to attract that kind of disease to your reality.

Which brings me to my conclusion/belief that the major cause for all disease is stress and its variations. If you place stress in your thoughts, your emotions and your life then stress will manifest in your physical body in some strange way.

Here's an example:

Mr.X worries so much about his health. And worry is a major source of disease. By worrying about his health Mr.X will remain unhealthy and his health might get even worse.

Another example:

Jamie believes she can catch a cold that's why she avoids hanging around with people who have a cold. But it's not those people that could infect her. It's her belief. She believes she is vulnerable to a cold and that exposes her physical body to that threat.

On the other side...

I firmly believe i cannot catch a cold or flu no matter what I do, where I go, who I meet or hang around with. And this belief will help me not to catch that cold. This thought of mine actually protects my physical body from the threat of a cold.

Let's get back to the medicines now.

By taking medicines all you do is accepting the fact that you have a disease and it must be cured somehow. So the medicine will supposedly help you fight the disease. But what remains is your thoughts and the way you accept the fact that there is a disease threatening you.

But sometimes it works the other way around. If you believe that taking medicines will cure you then chances are that you will be cured! This is actually very common and it's called "The Placebo Effect". It works. But what's important here is that it's not the medicine (chemicals and other substances contained) that cured you but it's the belief and the knowing that it will cure you that has affected the cure.

So, as a conclusion, it is never a good idea to use chemicals (medicine) if it can be avoided. And here are two ways to help you achieve that:

1. By not becoming ill in the first place. Think only of healthy, enlightened and positive thoughts. Think your self as a healthy individual that could never be ill. It's not as simple at it seems but it works wonders.

2. By believing and feeling you are in perfect health and by using your emotions to show some gratitude to your god. Let's say you have a headache or sneeze. Do not think "Oh s**t, looks like I am sick..." while you reach for your favorite pain killer or antibiotic. Instead try to send the pain away by thinking how well you feel while you do anything to keep your emotions high. For example go for a walk, listen to your favorite song, sing your favorite lyrics, smell your favorite incense etc. Do something that makes you happy.

Disease cannot exist when your emotions are high.

Let me stress again here that, if you are taking any medicine for a serious health condition you should continue to do so.

But always have in mind that you are in a perfect health. Know the medicine for what it is. Know that you have the power to remain in perfect health without using any kind of medication. The truth is that there's no disease or illness that cannot be healed using your brain and the power of your mind.

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