The New Medicine of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer

Dr.Ryke Geerd Hamer, one time chief internist of the Cancer Clinic of Munich University Hospital met horrific tragedy when in 1978, his 19 year old son Dirk, was shot dead in front of his eyes! Shortly afterwards he developed testicular cancer and wondered why! His exploration brought him to a dramatic conclusion that he called "The Iron Rule of Cancer"!

The "Iron Rule" states that a sudden and unforeseen incident of a highly charged emotional nature leads to cancer. He continues by saying that the cancer can be cured once the emotional conflict is resolved. If it is not changed the patient will die! This he suggests is why so many conventional treatments are unsuccessful.

The same phenomenon occurs in the animal world. A sheep looses its lamb to a predator and goes on to develop teat cancer. The cancer disappears when the ewe falls pregnant once again.

The sudden shock or "Significant Emotional Event" (SEE) leads to what Hamer calls a "Dirk-Hamer-Syndrome" or DHS, which swiftly produces a cancerous growth or equivalent in a bodily organ. Hamer was able to trace this development by using CT scans. With the help of "Computerized Tomography", Dr. Hamer was able to produce a chart that relates specific emotional traumas with the formation of lesions in the brain that result in cancerous tumors growing in predictable parts of the body. Taking breast cancer as an example, the doctor attributes the emotional cause to a separation issue in the patient's life. In the case of left-handed woman who develops cancer as a result of a mother-daughter conflict there is likely to be a tumor on the right breast. With right-handed women this would reverse.

The manufacturers of the CT equipment, Siemens, testify that Geerd Hamer used over 6,000 CT scans in his work in developing this extraordinary theory. What he appears to be saying is that the cancer is a symptom of the real illness, which lies painfully embedded in the psyche and in the brain. He appears to have thoroughly researched his explanation to boot!

Hamer criticizes the orthodox medical treatment of cancer by saying that 98% of patients die from the treatment and not the disease. He claims: "Nowadays most people with cancer die from the affects of the medical diagnosis and prognosis. It is the diagnosis and prognosis which produces the supposed metastases." He maintains there is no such thing as cancer spreading as conventionally supposed. Instead the metastasis is the growth of another cancer caused by yet another Significant Emotional Event. In this case the shock of the medical diagnosis and the physicians negative prognosis for the future development of the disease.

Dr Hamer does not offer solutions how these conflicts are to be resolved, but stresses resolution has to be gentle. Rough analytical abreactive therapies are to be discouraged because they might trigger another cancer causing Significant Emotional Event. However, many gentle therapies such as EFT abound today; they might just play a big part in resolving these cancer producing conflicts in what must be a milestone in Mind-Body Medicine.

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