Laughter, Perfect Health, and the Law of Attraction

It is easiest to prevent disease or to catch something right with it happens or is beginning to solidify in your body. It is easiest to clear up that vibration right there.

So, what should you do if you already have a health condition you'd rather not have?

Really, you should do the same things you do to create great health. (Keeping positive and focusing on your appreciation for the wonderful magic of your body.)

But, once you have a condition, it might be harder to keep positive.

Once you have a condition it might be a little more difficult to remember how magical your body truly is.

Sometimes you need a little distraction AWAY FROM your body and its wonderfulness (and current aggravation).


What makes you laugh?

Get joke books.

Watch comedy routines. There are entire television channels dedicated to comedy.

Watch funny movies.

Get one of those little laughter- making sound machines.

Try practicing laughter yoga.

Search online for funniest videos. There are some GREAT ONES out there.

Hilarity is one of the best-feeling, highest-vibrations places that exists. It is right up there with love and joy and appreciation in the Power Zone of the Law of Attraction where you easily attract and manifest the things you desire - like perfect health.

There are many, many stories of people with "dread" diseases who, while awaiting treatment, distracted themselves with funny movies and discovered when they went in for treatment that their condition had disappeared. Wouldn't that be nice.

Here's the trick to this - just do it for the FUN. Don't add the burden of thinking while you are trying to laugh anything like, "this must heal me."

Try to relax into thinking things more like "isn't this fun." And: "I sure do love to laugh." And: "isn't this guy/gal hilarious."

As the classic comedian, Milton Berle once said: "Laughter is an instant vacation." Amen!

And, if you want to learn more about how laughter has helped others just Google "laughter and health" or "laughter and healing."

Meanwhile, here's my favorite joke:

Rene Descartes was sitting in a bar sipping a beer. When he finished it, the bartender came over and said, "Hey Pal, would you like another?" Descartes thought for a moment and then responded, "I think not."

And with that: POOF! He disappeared!

(Find what tickles YOUR funny bone.)

Love and good health to you!

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