The Madness of Western Medicine

Medical Treatments are toxic by definition. Is there an alternative to this process which may lead to further degeneration of health to the point of no return.

This is the madness of western medicine. We do nothing until we suffer from symptoms of illness, and then go to the Doctor for help. While this is convenient, and apparently cheap, it is not the only way to look at health and vitality.

I am in my 58th year. How many people my age, still have free movement of their bodies and no medications. In fact, the statistics for disability in those over 50 is quite alarming. How many people do you know who have had a major operation, or serious illness before they reached the magical 55, the age which used to mean early retirement.

What is wrong with our Health System?

Today there is a big debate in Australia between the Prime Minister and his opposition counterpart on health! It is centred around propping up the "sickness" system, as I call it, and an attempt on a TV Q & A show to even suggest that preventive medicine should be high on the agenda was very quickly brushed off by the Health Minister.

We live in a world where personal responsibility has become a catch cry, but is little understood. Our health system is a huge industry fueled by drug companies, health professional groups and technology companies who make all those outrageously expensive machines. Any attempt to change the system is fiercely opposed by big Pharma and the politicians who support them. To even think of fundamental change is simply untenable.

Here are two health models. Look at both of these, and decide logically which one is likely to give you better health.

The Traditional Medical Model.

This is embraced by Health professionals, including most natural therapists! I would call it remedial.

We live our lives as we choose, ignoring health as an issue. When we feel unwell, we reach for the Panadol, or if that doesn't work, go to the Doctor. As matters get worse, there is the hospital system, and out the other end a retirement village or palliative care.

Something is wrong with this way of looking at health. First it ignores the cause of illness and second, it encourages us not to take responsibility as the system will fix us up when things go wrong. The more interventions, and medications we embrace, the more likely we will permanently lose our mobility and vitality. Modern medicine may keep you alive, but for most the cost is in quality of life.

If you think Naturopaths are different, when you next walk out of your favourite Naturopath's premises armed with bags of herbs and supplements for every deficiency your body has, realize this is another form of the same system. It is individual remedies for each perceived health challenge.

The Terrain Approach

There is another approach. Why not give the body what it needs to stay healthy. Instead of waiting until it breaks down, we add essential vitamins and minerals, and remove the toxins which cause most disease. By working on whole body vitality, the chances of ending up in the medical system are greatly reduced! This is the world I live in.

It is a much simpler way to look at a complicated problem and you don't need a nursing or medical degree to help people! That is the threat to the traditional system. They spend years learning their craft and then someone comes a long and says for most people, eating correctly, detoxing, exercising and supplementing has a more positive effect than all the medications combined.

In China, there is an emphasis on prevention rather than "cure". Doctors trained in that country are paid while their patients are healthy, the opposite of what happens here. Some health professionals understand this approach, but they are usually discouraged from presenting it.

I would like to write a whole lot more about this, but in reality, it is so simple I don't have to! Give the body what it needs and it works very well!

What Does The Body Need?

We all need to detoxify to eliminate the many poisons, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, food additives, etc it is now virtually impossible to avoid. Then we need a small amount of a broad range of nutrients to thrive.

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