Wellness Medicine, Physicians, and Treatments: A New Beginning

The U.S. spends more money on health care than any other country, but this same country is currently also the world's leader in chronic and degenerative disease.

People everywhere are frustrated with the narrow minded, dogmatic approach of many medical doctors who insist on providing only more and more prescriptions and procedures of conventional medicine.

Today marks the beginning of a new era in health and wellness awareness for America and for the whole human family. The terms, "Wellness Medicine" and "Wellness Physician" are freshly defined.

So, to begin this new era in health and wellness awareness, I feel it is important to outline and define the concepts of a "Wellness Physician" and of "Wellness Medicine."

A Wellness Physician is someone who is committed to active listening and open communication. A Wellness Physician is not only trained and competent in standard medical methods, but also is committed to honor internal healing processes in the body and mind when assisting people to reach their health goals. A Wellness Physician can be a medical doctor, "M.D.", or a doctor of osteopathy, "D.O.", as both of these professionals are trained and authorized to prescribe medicine and perform surgery in the United States.

However, a Wellness Physician looks first to identify natural solutions to prompt healing in the body from the inside out, and then turns to conventional medicine and procedures whenever acute or chronic conditions require standard medical care. The resulting medical treatment integrates and combines natural health solutions and conventional medicine and is, therefore, also called "Wellness Medicine."

Wellness Medicine promotes optimal health and wellness for the patient. Wellness Medicine empowers patients to claim for themselves a state of wellness which is beyond freedom from symptoms. In my opinion, the current health care system in America is generally not designed to promote wellness.

Based on results among the American people, the health care system has even been referred to, or renamed, as the "Sick Care System."

Although conventional physicians have been inclined to do whatever they can to help their patients, many medicines and some procedures have failed to correct the root causes of illness. Consequently, chronic and degenerative diseases are represented in epidemic proportions, while the American people have been led by powerful advertising to expect different results from new and more prescription pills.

To be clear, "Wellness" is not simply the absence of illness or disease. Wellness is defined as the optimal health of the individual in both body and mind. Wellness can be claimed as the prize for any individual whose commitment is to be open to possibilities, and to be willing to change whatever way of living is not working. The path of healing can be tailored to the individual when he or she is working in partnership with a wellness physician. Discoveries of food, activities, attitude, intention, natural health products and, sometimes, standard medicine will serve as the bridge to carry an individual to lasting wellness.

To summarize, Wellness Medicine by the assistance of a Wellness Physician must be based upon a doctor-patient relationship that functions as a trusted and equal partnership. This trusted partnership provides a safe place where communication is genuine and unrestrained, and where 'teamwork for wellness' is the topmost priority. The natural result of such a wellness partnership is optimal health, personal empowerment, and peace of mind.

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