All Medicine is Alternative Medicine - Some Approaches Are Just More Dangerous Than Others

If you have been living in America over the past 40-years, you have seen an interesting thing happen with medicine - it's not about healing patients anymore. Medicine in the U.S. is completely a profit-driven affair with Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, and Medical Establishments cutting the pie up in three-big slices - and you and I don't get any! Unless you grew up in a rather enlightened environment, you -like me - have probably always thought that there is only one kind of "Real" medicine and everything else is simply some sort of sham that couldn't really work because it's just not scientific enough. Well, "modern" medicine is not all it's cracked up to be - with high prices, dangerous and unpleasant side-effects, and marginal success. You have always had a number of alternatives for healing; and Western, corporate, pharmaceutical, allopathic, conventional medicine is only one of those alternatives - perhaps the least effective and most dangerous alternative of all.

The American Medical Association (AMA) is an association for doctors - not for the welfare of all the patients in the world. You might think that sounds crazy; but consider this and you'll see what I mean. The AMA fights for practice protection laws - laws which protect the medical community from competition. These laws, though they seem to be aimed at protecting the patient from "sub-standard" medical care, are simply to protect the revenue stream that flows through doctors' offices, drug stores, and insurance claims desks. Whenever someone comes up with a cancer cure that doesn't involve the horrific methods used by Western medicine - poisoning and radiation burns as a do-or-die form of placebo - then they are pursued and prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license. There is never any investigation into the method or cure that the AMA found so problematic and dangerous. Some of these cures are ancient; and many of them are highly effective - much more effective at restoring health than Western methods. But it doesn't matter that Western medicine is more dangerous and less effective than any form of healthcare ever practiced; it only matters who gets paid for treating you and your illness. It doesn't even matter if you survive or not - as long as the bills are paid.

Well, there's a lot of medicine out there, and a lot of health care systems that work as well as, or better than, the Western health model. Our corporatized pharmaceutical-based approach to health is simply one of the more recent and more dangerous alternatives to health care; but, with the advent of powerful advertising mediums and propaganda machines, the American psyche is saturated with a reality that they are weak and doomed to suffer and die unless they find just the right pharmaceutical to save them and make them feel better. This is a myth. This is simply a lie that was generated and is perpetuated because it makes some people an awful lot of money - despite the fact it makes many hundreds of thousands of people die unnecessarily according to a study by Dr. Gary Null, et al. Modern medicine is at least the third-leading killer of Americans; and that figure is based on perhaps 2% of all adverse drug reactions being recognized and reported. The real number of medically-caused fatalities could possibly exceed the other leading causes of death many times over!

You can see the craziness that has crept into our collective consciousness when you watch a television commercial that features smiles, flowers, laughing, playing, and a drug for a skin rash that is being marketed despite the fact that this skin-rash treatment has killed people! "This might make your itch go away; and it might kill you. So ask your doctor to prescribe this for you..." The modern medical industry is really just a model of how well advertising and fear-based, authoritative hypnosis works. The facts are real; and the statistics are there waiting for anyone who really wants to know the truth. The only problem is that the only people interested in reading medical literature are medical people who have nothing to gain by sounding that trumpet. Modern, pharmaceutical medicine is not the standard; it is simply a very dangerous and expensive alternative that has only been around for a few decades - unlike many of the health care systems that were developed at no cost thousands of years ago and are still in use today by the largest and healthiest populations on the planet.

All you have is alternatives; some are safe and effective, and others are quite dangerous with no real benefit or justification for the real and present danger to your health if you swallow the wrong chemical - or the right chemical, according to AMA statistics presented in Dr. Null's report. All medicine is alternative medicine, so - no matter what your problem or condition - think and choose for yourself. The life you save may be your own.

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