Alternative Medicine Health - A Valuable Tool in Achieving Better Overall Health

Alternative medicine health can be a valuable tool for achieving better overall health through both conventional and non conventional means. Many would argue that we are asking too much of conventional prescription medications. Some people tend to think of them as standalone treatments for common conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, when perhaps a combination of conventional medicines combined with lifestyle modification, exercise, or dietary changes would produce more predictable and longer lasting results.

If you are thinking about implementing alternative medicine health you are not alone. By the latest estimates slightly over half of all Americans use some form of natural alternative therapy or supplementation whether it be acupuncture for pain relief, meditation to help with the anxiety of everyday life, or over the counter natural health remedies or supplements such as fish oil to stay well.

Most methods of alternative health rely on changes in lifestyle along with supplementation to achieve the desired results. This is known as a broad spectrum approach, or whole person plan. While there are many different approaches to alternative medicine health (natural healing, complementary medicine, lifestyle modification) at the end of the day they all subscribe to the importance of restoring inner balance and harmony to the whole person as an essential part of any successful therapy. Examples of alternative medicine health therapies include yoga, chiropractic care, massage, meditation, herbal remedies, and homeopathic medicines.

One primary goal of alternative medicine health is for people to take personal responsibility for their own balance and well being, rather than using prescription drugs as crutch for unhealthy habits. Sometimes this is an unpopular idea, believing that it is simply too much trouble, or they can't find the time. To drive home this point let's use cholesterol lowering drugs as an example. We all have friends that eat high saturated fat foods, are likely overweight, don't exercise, and despite not doing anything to help themselves are on cholesterol lowering medications. There overall health is likely not so great, and they wonder why their doctor can't do more to help them. Honestly, it is not the doctors fault! While we think of doctors as miracle workers, and often times this reputation is deserved, they likely can't provide their patients with good health through drug therapy alone.

In the end, alternative medicine health can be a powerful tool in improving a person's chances of leading a healthful, disease free life and should be taken seriously. By working with your doctor to implement a more natural approach you will be taking a giant step in preventing future illnesses and avoiding many of the side effects than come with a treatment plan that includes a long list of prescription drugs.

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