Energy Medicine Part 4 - Use Your Understanding of Energy to Heal Yourself and Your Loved One

Over the past several weeks, we have reviewed the history of our understanding of energy: how it operates, what it is, where it comes from. Although our understanding is remarkably primitive, we do understand some elements of energy and how they interrelate.

Did you try my little experiment last week? Did you notice that, when you focused on sending out "vibrations" of gratitude, things seemed to go more smoothly? In contrast, when we dwell on everything that is going wrong, we can observe a marked increase in the number of things that go wrong!

Every disease or condition has its own specific frequencies that trigger tissue repair. There is an energy "blueprint" which governs the development of the different tissues of the body, even though every cell has the same DNA. Some tissue blueprint directs the development of the lips, others skins, others each of the internal organs, and all of this takes place when two cells come together to become one cell at conception.

It is important that we understand the effects of environmental energy on the body. Specific healing effects have been found at specific frequencies, and have been quantitated. For instance, nerve regeneration and neurite outgrowth from cultured ganglion cells takes place at a frequency of 2 Hz. Bone growth is stimulated at 7 Hz, which ligament healing takes place at 10 Hz. Diminished skin necrosis and increased capillary and fibroblast formation to create new tissue is best accomplished at frequencies of 15, 20 and 72 Hz. 40 Hz is an anti-inflammatory frequency that will also decrease swelling. Frequencies above 2000 Hz are capable of creating a nerve block.

When a therapeutic healer touches water, that water will encourage plant growth. There are damaging effects of specific frequencies. At 60 Hz, it has been documented that there is increase in breast cancer cell proliferation. When a psychotic patient touches water, that water will actually suppress plant growth.

The energy generated through the hands of a therapist has been quantified in the .3-30 Hz range, mostly at 7-8 Hz. Interestingly, there is a marked increase in gauss strength when the therapist gets into their meditative, prayerful, or healing state, to the tune of 0.001 gauss. Just to put that number in perspective, the gauss strength that the heart gives off is 0.000001, and the brain gives off 0.0000001. There are electric frequency generators that can generate any frequency and any strength, and these electrical devices can have preset protocols that can be programmed and administered to patients.

Homeopathy is based on the principle that water has hydrogen bonds that are capable of absorbing and storing frequencies. These frequencies may assist in restoring the missing healthy frequency in tissue, or cancel the harmful frequency generated by diseased tissue.

Abnormalities of form or structure in the anatomy of the body will need to be corrected before energy pathways can be restored permanently. When the structure or alignment of the body is imbalanced, then the normal gravity forces continue to pull tissue into greater imbalance. When the structure of the body is aligned, then gravity can actually become the therapist.

There are many different ways for the body to absorb energy into tissue. The acupuncturist may use a needle, electricity, laser, heat, or pressure. The massage therapist generates energy through touching and rubbing. Jin Shin Jyutsu will provide healing energy and proper flow of energy throughout the body through touch. An herbalist may use and extract from a plant that is ingested into the body to generate that frequency. Rolfing technique stretches the fascia while shiatsu uses deep pressure to stimulate the breaking down and reformation of tissue into a more healthy state.

We have already mentioned physicians who use PEMF and many other devices to stimulate healing energies in the body. A sound therapist will use sound to vibrate tissue. Other modalities that give off healing frequencies include magnets, far infrared light, or saunas.

Our body receives a constant bombardment of vibrations in the lower frequency ranges. These include heat, light, smell, laser beams, and movement. Higher frequencies are generated by radios, TVs, cell phones, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays and gamma rays. Even schools of fish and flocks of birds move in synchrony because of vibrational signals called "wave resonance."

Last, let's talk about and understand the power of the mind. Intention or "will" facilitates change in that direction. In 1988, a prayer study was conducted for a coronary care unit. Remote prayer was offered on behalf of 400 specific patients for 10 months. The results showed that the patients for whom prayers were offered had decreased overall complications, decreased pneumonia, decreased ventilator assistance, and decreased antibiotic use. In 1993, a group of people that practiced transcendental meditation, meditated for peace in Washington, D.C. During that period of study, there was a decreased crime rate until the group left. During this same time period, the surrounding major cities had an increase in crime rate. Intention even has the ability to change random machines and was able to tip the ratio of heads to tails to a 52-48 ratio after more than 10,000 trials. Intention or "will" has been clearly demonstrated to have positive effects on bacteria, yeast, plants, ants, chicks, mice, rats, dogs, cats, human cells, and enzymes.

The subconscious mind is capable of processing information at 20,000,000 stimuli/ second. Unfortunately, it responds to these stimuli based on past experience, which may not reflect the present reality. The conscious mind processes information at 40 stimuli/ second. It does have the capability of overriding the subconscious mind reflex.

The placebo effect is defined as "people getting better because they believe they are getting medicines." When patients with arthritic knees were offered knee surgery to scrape inflamed tissue from the joint, and the placebo group just had the knee opened up with no scraping done, both groups improved after surgery to an equal extent. Hypnosis is another tool by which the mind is able to override the normal abilities of the body.

All healing takes place at the energy level. Let's review some applications of what we have just learned. Because our mind is so powerful, we can bring about what we would like to see happen in our lives. Our attitude has a lot to do with what we attract and create in our lives. In other words, be careful what you wish for!

Healthy tissue vibrates at a specific frequency. Diseased tissue vibrates at harmful frequencies. These harmful frequencies can be reprogrammed to healthy frequencies, or the harmful frequencies can be cancelled out.

Physical restructuring may be necessary to release damaged or "stuck" tissue and permit proper frequencies and energy flow to occur.

Harmful frequencies need to be avoided, and healthy frequencies need to be sought.
These may include those with whom we associate, those with whom we choose to spend our lives, and what electrical devices we bring into our lives. Additionally, it is important to recognize and reshape our thoughts and attitudes for a more harmonious life.

The challenge to healthful living is to find the appropriate frequencies and treatments, and do them long enough to see miracles occur. Be realistic. Expect a miracle. But remember, the Impossible just takes a little longer than the Difficult!

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