Our Health Is Surrounded by Superstition, Controversy and Failure of Making Decisions

Our health is often surrounded by a number of things, and superstition could be one of them.

Decision making of any kind becomes a daunting situation. Making any decision about health is the most responsible and crucial one we may have to face in our lifetime.

Controversy and knowing the truth in question over the debate about any health issue - do we seek prescription drug medicine or alternative therapy? This would be a difficult decision to make for most people unless we have a certain amount of knowledge and the controversy on either side sorted.

There is a considerable amount of superstition by some when it comes to alternative natural remedies. We easily can become victims of this superstition, holding us back from other health possibilities.

There are many who only believe in conventional medicine. One side of all this being substantiated in a positive way. There is no better than conventional medicine when it comes to emergency, surgery and trauma as such. For anything else alternative or natural medicine is by far more effective.

Drugs are only a band-aid solution; they never fix the core problem where the sickness originated from.

Between conventional or prescription medicines and natural alternative medicines are a lot of differences. One particular issue with conventional therapy is a strong barrage of side effects. Such side effects often go to the extreme of being worse than the original illness.

Drugs may get immediate temporary relief. You will feel and know that the disease is becoming more and more serious. It will always be there, and won't go away.

What is this superstition? Can health be achieved and maintained, sickness and diseases cured by alternative, natural medicine and remedies? Shouldn't we investigate every possibility in an unprejudiced way and not just believe anything that they fulfil all the promises, regardless of which side of the fence we're on?

When we become ill, does all this happen over night?

No, you may feel like that when first awakening in the morning. You did not get in to that condition overnight.

Whatever illness it is, it has developed gradually over years. Experiencing the very same thing: it was here in the morning without any pre-warning days before. Therefor you will not get in to a state of health overnight.

No drug will fix it, it will only relieve the symptom. Your body will fix the problem not just the symptom.

This is not only about gloom and doom; there is also some good news: On a positive side natural alternative medicine being tested and proven over time and age already and is save for your body.

Give your body what it needs: minerals, vitamins, enzymes, exercise, drink pure water "not water out of plastic bottles". Have a close look at the diet you are on, and choose a good natural supplement.

Dismiss any negative thoughts you may have, think only positive. Let your immune system do the job, give it what it needs and you will have your health back. Mother Nature's original super food is more powerful than manmade pills. Planet earth is having it all, only we ignore it most of the time.

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