Will Alternative Medicine Replace Conventional Medicine One Day?

Nowadays, people are losing confidence on allopathic medicine. It is no longer the panacea people once perceived and been accustomed to. Questions now haunt conventional medical practices as the public's primary concern shifted to protecting their family's lives and their own.

The attention has turned towards alternative medicine - which is gaining reputation in the field of health care. It has become the benchmark as conventional medicine fails to produce satisfactory results.

Television and other forms of media continue to endorse medications that guarantee to alleviate and contain known diseases. Moreover, advertisements entice the public by allowing strangers to give dubious testimonials on a certain drug.

Magazine ads do the same. Some drug's side effects are mentioned but appear to be carelessly explained and examined.

These effects resulted in a deviation of norm as people choose alternative medicine. Here are some examples of the adverse side effects of Premarin, the popular hormone replacement therapy:

* Migraine headache

* Chest pain

* Confusion of the mind and memory problems

* Lower extremities swelling

These consequences during menopause could easily be remedied by consulting an herbalist. A combination of black cohosh and dong quai offers a safe treatment in this period in life.

The general public is conditioned to use traditional allopathic, also known as Western medicine, which concentrates on the ailment and drug prescription. Alternative medicine on the other hand targets the root of discomfort consequently curing the entire body.

As a result, people tend to do extra research on a prescribed medicine for it may present worse conditions than the occurring illness. Because of these side effects, people are looking for a safer, more natural, and better approach to good health.

Alternative medicine is becoming one of the mainstream solutions for better health. It is now prescribed by most allopathic doctors to cure sickness and diseases.

The medical profession is beginning to be aware of the positive contributions made to good health by herbs, yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, and holistic living. As years pass by, alternative medicine is expected to present better and safer approaches to health care.

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